September 2019 Music Purchases

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In September 2019, I received a couple of works produced by Unlucky Morpheus.

Picture of a CD case, a promotional DVD-R, and a Blu-ray case - description is in article.

  • Unlucky Morpheus - Hyakki hikō
  • Unlucky Morpheus 「Black Pentagram」「Change of Generation」 Live at PURE ROCK JAPAN

Unlucky Morpheus’s Hyakki hikō is an acoustic album that collects 10 self-covers of their Touhou covers. I dig it, but you may want to listen to a trailer or preview somewhere because it’s not their usual thing at all.

CHANGE OF GENERATION TOUR FINAL is a concert video! It’s well-shot with high production values (except for the static disc menu, but it’s just a menu), and the audio sounds great. I was a little disappointed by the image quality on their previous concert video, LIVE 2017, but CHANGE OF GENERATION TOUR FINAL doesn’t seem to have any major issues with picture quality. I’d say that this would be the concert video to get if you’re a fan, but the band has already announced the release of the next one.

The Disk Union bonus disc that I received for CHANGE OF GENERATION TOUR FINAL contains a watchable, single-camera recording of two songs. Nothing that I’d recommend going crazy over, but I like having it.

I’m almost all caught-up on this music backlog. In October 2019, I received 9 CDs! I’ll talk about those next time.