October 2018 Music Pickups

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I’m finally getting around to posting the rest of my music-related pickups from 2018. Enjoy!

I bought nothing in September 2018, but here’s some stuff that I received during October:

Picture of three CD cases and one DVD - description is in article.

  • GET IN THE RING - “Activity” case:08 -Midnight Syndrome-
  • Unlucky Morpheus - Kiseki no heijitsu
  • Unlucky Morpheus - Change of Generation
  • Unlucky Morpheus - Pre-order bonus DVD-R for Change of Generation

This single from GET IN THE RING is the first time that I’ve heard music from this circle of Touhou Project fans, and it features an interesting mix of music. “Midnight Syndrome” is a jaunty, jazzy number featuring a special guest vocalist: Fuki! “Storyteller’s Night” is a midtempo rock arrangement, and “Daybreak Metronome” is electronic pop. Not all of it is my thing, but I’m glad that there is such variety on offer on “Activity” case:08 -Midnight Syndrome-.

Kiseki no heijitsu is Unlucky Morpheus’s third live CD. This one isn’t available through normal retailers (like CDJapan, HMV, or Amazon), so I ordered my copy through Melonbooks (via Zen Market). It shares a bit in common with LIVE 2017 - same lineup, same year, and both share some songs. The difference with this live release is that it features some of their Touhou Project arrangements. But it also has a weird audio mix with hard-panned guitars. I found this mix to be annoying on headphones, but it probably sounds great through speakers. The material itself is great and played well. The version of “Dead Leaves Rising” on this release is a highlight - the album version smoked but this live take is something else.

Unlucky Morpheus’s Change of Generation is a full-length album. The new material on here is excellent, but I’m a little disappointed that there are quite a few re-recordings and tracks from previous releases.

My copy of Change of Generation was purchased from Disk Union (via Zen Market), and it came with this bonus DVD-R featuring four songs recorded at Shinjuku BLAZE on October 11, 2017. The production quality is really low - it was filmed in the middle of the audience and the audio sounds like it was recorded off of the camcorder. It’s a fun extra for fans, but I don’t recommend going out of your way to get it.

Picture of four CD cases - description is in article.

  • Various Artists - Disney Rocks!!! Girls Power!
  • SHOW-YA - Masquerade Show
  • SHOW-YA - Glamorous Show ~ Japanese Legendary Rock Covers
  • Unlucky Morpheus - LIVE 2017

Okay, so you might be thinking that I’ve gone crazy with that Minnie Mouse CD. And you wouldn’t be wrong! But this CD has Gacharic Spin covering “Beauty and the Beast”. In Japanese, in case you’re wondering. It’s an interesting cover, but I’m not ready to listen to the rest of the CD.

I already own a copy of Masquerade Show, but this one is a 2015 remaster with a bonus track. Expect an article comparing the two versions in 2025! Or maybe sooner.

Glamorous Show ~ Japanese Legendary Rock Covers is exactly that - SHOW-YA paying tribute to several big names in Japanese rock and metal. Good stuff!

Unlucky Morpheus’s LIVE 2017 is the CD version of a concert video that I apparently bought in 2017. Time flies!

I received lots of stuff in November. Stay tuned!