No Album of the Year Awards for 2017 :-(

- Music

I didn’t listen to that much new music in 2017, so I’ve decided not to have 2017 AOTY awards. I’ll try to resume the awards in 2018.

My pick for AOTY is DOLL$BOXX’s high $pec EP, but I could count the new albums that I listened to last year on one hand so it’s the top pick of a small stack. :-) It’s a little ‘darker’ and harder than Dolls Apartment was, so it took me a few listens to get into, but I eventually got what they were going for and got a little hooked on it.

My “discovery of the year” is Megadeth’s Rust in Peace. Yes, I waited this long to listen to it, the original version of it, and I can safely say that it met the hype for me.