May 2020 Music Purchases

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Picture of a DVD case and a Blu-ray case - description is in the article.

  • Mary’s Blood - 10th Anniversary Box (DVD)
  • Unlucky Morpheus - Lunatic East 2019 TOUR FINAL (Blu-ray)

I have the DVD version of 10th Anniversary Box. When I bought it, the Blu-ray version was sold-out, and I did not know if it would receive a re-print, so I decided to get the DVD version. This box set comes with two concert videos: 10th Anniversary Live ~Decade of Queens~ and MY XXXXX CONFESSiONS TOUR FINAL.

I couldn’t get into either of these concert videos, but the audio and video quality on all three concerts is good as far as DVDs go.

I wasn’t feeling Unlucky Morpheus’s latest concert video either, but it’s well-shot and sounds good.

Picture of Rush's Permanent Waves - Fortieth Anniversary Edition.

  • Rush - Permanent Waves (Fortieth Anniversary Edition)

I own this already, but now I have this re-release. It’s a good album.