May 2018 Music Purchases

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Here’s some stuff that came in during May 2018!

Picture of some CDs and DVDs - description is in article.

  • Alhambra - A Far Cry To You (2005 version)
  • Alhambra - Pre-order bonus disc for SIEGFRIED
  • Alhambra - Pre-order bonus disc for A Far Cry to You (2013 version)

Alhambra’s first album, A Far Cry To You, was originally released in 2005 but re-recorded in 2013. And I’m so glad that they went back to the studio with that material because their first had really wonky production. Most notably, the bass guitar is overwhelming nearly everything else in the mix. The 2005 version of the album is not one that I regularly revisit, but I’m glad that I finally have it on CD after having just a digital copy (iTunes) of it.

You might be wondering what the discs with white labels are. Those are pre-order bonus DVDs. Some Japanese bands/labels like to release retailer-exclusive bonus CDs and DVDs, and these typically contain bonus tracks, interviews, and live performances. Alhambra released a good number of pre-order bonus DVDs, and these are two that I did not acquire when they came out.

As you may be able to tell from its label, the first one was a HMV-exclusive bonus for SIEGFRIED, and it has a live-performance of “Double O” from SOLITUDE. I’d guess that it was recorded around the same time that SIEGFRIED came out - 2010. It’s a single-cam recording with decent video and audio quality.

The other DVD was a pre-order bonus for the 2013 re-recording of A Far Cry To You, and it features a 2003(!) performance of a song from that album. Apparently, it’s, from their very first concert and features an early lineup of the band. This recording has a real “home movie’ feel to it, but it’s watchable. Oddly enough, this DVD has a menu and chapter skips for a single song.

So far, Alhambra has only released one live DVD (FROM IMPRESSIVE MEMORY-Die Walküre-), so I enjoy collecting these DVDs with what little live clips are available from them. Alhambra is one of my favorite bands, and I’d love to see another live video from them some day.

I don’t know what I’m going to get in June. Maybe something? Maybe nothing? Stay tuned!