March 2020 Music Purchases

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Picture of two CD cases and a DVD case - description is in the article.

  • DEZOLVE - Frontiers
  • Gacharic Spin - Gold Dash (w/ Bonus DVD)

I think that Frontiers is an appropriate name for DEZOLVE’s latest album - the album shows the band experimenting with accordion and sitar sounds and, in a first for the band, vocals. I could see Frontiers being a bit of a divisive album, but I enjoyed listening to it.

My copy of Frontiers came with a sticker and a lead sheet for “re:fruition” that shows the chord changes and time signatures.

Gacharic Spin’s Gold Dash is an enjoyable album. It’s possibly the most guitar-oriented album of theirs to date, and it seems to have less of a pop sound than much of their previous work.

Live: OBSCURE DIVERSITY is another solid concert video from SABER TIGER. This one consists of every song from OBSCURE DIVERSITY with a few other songs at the end. This release comes with a second DVD containing a documentary and the concert on 2 CDs.

Let’s go back to Gold Dash for a moment. This version of Gold Dash that I have here comes with a bonus DVD of performance footage. This isn’t live footage - it’s recorded in a practice space and uses the audio from Gold Dash. There are six videos for each song on the disc. The videos labeled “Angelina 1/3” in the menu are actually full band performances, so these are the ones to watch if you want more of a ‘music video’ experience.

The other five are individual performances. The guitar and bass performances have a picture-in-picture that show fret fingerings better, the keyboard performances have a PIP that jumps between two different angles of keyboards, and the drum performances have a PIP for an alternate angle that shows the snare drum and a second PIP showing the bass drum pedal and hi-hat pedal.

This bonus DVD is a Region 2 disc.

I also bought some stuff on Bandcamp. Yeah, it’s been a while! On March 20th, Bandcamp waved their share of revenue to raise awareness of how the COVID-19 pandemic affects musicians. The site was really slow that day, but I managed to snag digital downloads for these releases:

Other than the cover and some of the song titles like “Forbidden Cassette” and “Authentic Cyberpunk”, I don’t get much of a vaporwave vibe from ONLY MYRONE IS REAL It’s a little too hi-fi for that, I think? This album is a well-rounded release, featuring a mix of chill songs and more energetic VGM-sounding music. It even has a metal song - “Cokehands”. ONLY MYRONE IS REAL might be one of MYRONE’s most diverse albums to date.

Pathways is full of (mostly) lo-fi beats and smooth electric guitar stylings. The song “Bonus” is a bit of departure from the rest because it is more ambient than the rest of the album.

GUITAR MAGIC is a high-energy album for the most part, and it only has a few slower tracks (the title track and “Members Only”). There’s an EDM-influenced track on here as well as a few songs that have a bit of a J-Fusion sound. There’s quite a bit of shredding on here as well as a surprising amount of keyboard solos.

Skelator is a traditional heavy metal band that I was introduced to in a nerdy way: a trailer for a Doom modification named DemonSteele used “Stronger than Steel”. That trailer sold me on a digital copy of Skelator’s King of Fear album, which I enjoyed. Cyber Metal is their latest album, and I’m digging it too.

More stuff soon.