June-July 2018 Music Purchases

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June 2018 Music Purchases

No picture this time: I bought a digital release and nothing else in June:

Good stuff! Much like MYRONE’s previous release, Very Relaxed and Lavish, this is a very chill offering of music. I’d describe the guitarwork on both releases as subdued, restrained, and tasteful. Which is a little different from his more energetic work such as Humanity and the Drift Stage game soundtrack), but it’s cool when musicians branch-out and try different things.

July 2018 Music Purchases

Picture of some CDs and DVDs - description is in article.

  • V/A - Splatoon 2 Octotune (Limited Edition)
  • DOLL$BOXX - high $pec High Return

One of my favorite game franchises is Splatoon. Its 90s visual aesthetic, cool music, and frantic, unique action make for an unforgettable experience. Nintendo recently released a single-player expansion for Splatoon 2, and pictured here is the soundtrack for it. Disc 1 has music from the expansion, Disc 2 has music from some live performances, and Disc 3 is a Blu-Ray with a concert. I don’t know if this Splatoon concert video is something that you should spring the extra bucks for, but it’s mine now!

Speaking of concert videos, high $pec High Return is the first DOLL$BOXX live DVD. It delivers what you expect: high-energy performances of every song from Dolls Apartment and high $pec with a few extra songs and a couple of solos for good measure.

As a bonus, the DVD includes all five music videos that were made for high $pec. Personally, I prefer the series of videos that they did for Dolls Apartment over these latest ones, but they’re still interesting and worth watching.

That’s it for June and July! I’ll be getting some cool items in August and September, so look forward to some words about that stuff!