July 2020 Music Purchases

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Picture of a CD case, a DVD case, and a Blu-ray case - description is in the article.

  • T-SQUARE - AI Factory
  • CASIOPEA 3rd - Celebrate 40th

AI Factory is pretty good!

The bonus DVD has behind-the-scenes footage of T-SQUARE’s recent concerts and a short segment about the making-of AI Factory. A few short band performance clips are on here. I don’t know the first song, but the second song on here is “TRUTH” but the footage fades before and after the song’s chorus and highlights keyboard solos during the song.

LIVE HISTORY PART-1 collects two CASIOPEA concert videos. Disc 1 has CASIOPEA LIVE (recorded in 1985), while Disc 2 has CASIOPEA PERFECT LIVE (recorded in 1986).

CASIOPEA LIVE is a well-shot concert video with lively performances and excellent music. Some of the editing has an 80s-ness about it. For example, a few parts have a half-framerate effect that people thought was cool but is distracting by today’s standards.

Much like its predecessor, CASIOPEA PERFECT LIVE is an enjoyable concert video experience. The production values are higher with this release as it has a longer set, more camera angles (including an overhead drum camera that gets used twice), more gear (including a fog machine), a larger stage design, and an animated intro showing space stuff.

CASIOPEA PEFECT LIVE has a few vocal tracks from their album SUN SUN. I don’t currently love these vocal songs as they’re very pop-oriented and a departure from what I know CASIOPEA for, but they’re a short part of an otherwise great concert video.

Celebrate 40th is an entertaining concert video that celebrates CASIOPEA (3rd)’s 40th anniversary with a setlist that spans their discography. Some of the songs on here feature horn arrangements, which is a cool addition to the mix.

One complaint about the mix: the MCs seem to be much lower in volume than the rest of the program.