July 2019 Music Purchases

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Picture of a boxset and a Blu-ray case - description is in article.

  • Splatoon 2 LIVE IN MAKUHARI -Tenta Live- [Limited Edition]
  • LOVEBITES - DAUGHTERS OF THE DAWN -Live in Tokyo 2019-

Splatoon 2 is one of my all-time favorite games, and this edition of Splatoon 2 LIVE IN MAKUHARI -Tenta Live- collects the third (and probably last) soundtrack release for the game along with concerts on CD and Blu-ray.

I popped DAUGHTERS OF THE DAWN into my Blu-ray player, and I was greeted with a menu. No auto-play! Instead of going directly to the concert like you’re supposed to, I decided to select “Gear Introduction”. I’m gonna geek out on this for a bit. In this bonus feature, LOVEBITES goes over the gear that they use. It’s presented in Japanese, but the video shows the gear being discussed at the bottom of the screen in English for the most part. They don’t go over miyako’s guitar pedalboard in depth, but the video shows her pedals clearly so any gearheads out there should be able to piece it together.

The concert video itself is a fun watch, with a mix of songs spanning their entire discography.

CLOCKWORK IMMORTALITY had a few limited edition releases that included a bonus concert video - BATTLE IN THE EAST. There seems to be a bit of overlap in material between the two. I watched a few tracks from BATTLE IN THE EAST, and the main difference that I could spot in the presentation is BATTLE IN THE EAST is full of strobing light effects and the other isn’t. BATTLE IN THE EAST is professionally-shot and, in my opinion, could have been a separate release.

Next up is September 2019’s pickups.