January 2020 Music Purchases

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Good news: I got a new camera.

Bad news: I’m still trying to figure out how to take pictures of CDs without getting the light or reflections in the shot.

Picture of four CD cases - description is in the article.

  • Octaviagrace - Radiant

(Yes, that’s a copy of Radiant, it’s not the Sun.)

I found out about DEZOLVE through Spotify of all places. I stumbled upon their first few albums by clicking on the “Fans Also Like” section of some Japanese jazz fusion artists that I know of. After listening to their self-titled debut and SPHERE, I knew that I had to listen to their other albums. PORTRAY and AREA made very strong first impressions. AREA sounds just a tiny bit more like T-Square than their previous releases, and that might be because Masato Honda (formerly of T-Square) is plays wind instruments on that album. PORTRAY has tons of drum and bass solos, while the playing sounds more restrained as a whole on AREA.

I discovered KIYO*SEN in a very similar manner, and they’re a jazz/rock fusion duo. What’s with me and fusion lately? I don’t know, but DRUMATICA is pretty heavy at times. One of the songs could pass for pre-Falling into Infinity Dream Theater or Liquid Tension Experiment. And the album includes a cover of a song (“Jungle Tone”) that’s built into at least one Roland drum module. Anyways, check out DRUMATICA if it’s your kinda thing.

Radiant is a lot to take in on a first listen. Octaviagrace seem to go in different directions simultaneously on this album. It’s more guitar-driven as a whole than previous releases, yet it goes towards a more electronic sound. There are are a few soft songs, but has some of their hardest material since “Hardenbergia” off of their first EP.