February 2019 Music Purchases

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I got some stuff in February 2019 but didn’t listen to it until January 2020. It’s… something!

Picture of three CD cases and some promotional items - description is in article.

  • Fuki - Kamisama wa kitto
  • Syu - VORVADOS

I know Fuki from the world of metal & hard rock, but she’s been going in an anime music/pop direction with her solo releases. Both tracks on the “Kamisama wa kitto” single are firmly on the pop side of things.

In hindsight, I don’t know why I bought both versions of the single, but both came with the same promotional picture.

Syu’s most recent solo album, VORVADOS, features quite a few high-profile vocalists (including Fuki), and you’d think that I’d like VORVADOS because I like Galneryus, which Syu is a major part of, but I did not get into this album during my first listen.

My copy of VORVADOS came with a sheet of stickers.

That was a light month! Next up is April 2019, which was another light month.