December 2018 Music Purchases

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Most of CLOCKWORK IMMORTALITY is what we’ve come to expect from LOVEBITES - solid power metal with dual guitars and a little bit of keyboard. But there are a few tracks on here that I’d say are atypical from their usual style. This may sound really scary - one track (“EMPTY DAYDREAM”) has its share of dance-inspired synthesizer and a disco beat to go along with the standard twin guitars. And there are a few quieter tracks here and there as well.

I have the version of CLOCKWORK IMMORTALITY that comes with a Blu-Ray of a concert video. I’ll wait until I get around to watching their DAUGHTERS OF THE DAWN concert video so I can compare and contrast.

OBSCURE DIVERSITY makes a great first impression, and I look forward to listening to it again after I clear some entries on this year-long music backlog that I’m going through.

I received these for Christmas (thanks Mom & Dad!):

Picture of a CD case and two DVD cases - description is in article.

  • Rush - Hemispheres (40th Anniversary)
  • Neil Peart - Anatomy of a Drum Solo
  • Mike Portnoy - Liquid Drum Theater

I’ve heard Hemispheres many times - it was the third Rush album that I ever bought (the first two being Moving Pictures and their self-titled debut). It’s great! This 40th Anniversary reissue includes new liner notes (featuring many images of brains) and a second disc with live recordings.

The last two items are drum instructional DVDs from progressive rock drummers that are more different than they initially seem.

Anatomy of a Drum Solo has Neil Peart breaking down one of his drum solos. He illustrates bits and pieces of it, but the main program mostly focuses on the reasoning behind the solo’s structure and Peart’s influences. There are some interesting bonus features, which include two long (30-minute) exploration sessions and the assembly of Peart’s massive 30th Anniversary drum kit. Anatomy of a Drum Solo is more inspirational than it is instructional.

Liquid Drum Theater takes the opposite approach and is more of a straight-forward drum instructional video with a surprising amount of additional content. In Liquid Drum Theater, Portnoy plays through a selection of songs/exerpts from Falling into Infinity, Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory, and Liquid Tension Experiment’s two albums. Also contained is some live footage of both bands and a few sections about the history of Liquid Tension Experiment. He also counts through some songs, one of which is the legendary “Dance of Eternity”.

Both DVDs are entertaining, but then again, I’m a drummer and I like Neil Peart and Mike Portnoy.

I also went crazy and ordered the other five versions of Gacharic Spin’s Go Luck EP. I got them with the intention of watching the bonus content (which I haven’t figured out how to do because it requires using a Japan-only app) and hanging them on my wall (which I haven’t done yet because they’re all scary-looking mimes what was I thinking that does not make for good decor).

I’m currently writing this in January 2020, so I’m currently a year behind! Oh no! Next up is a few pickups from February 2019!