August 2018 Music Purchases

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Picture of a DVD case and a Blu-ray disc case - description is in article.

  • Gacharic Spin - Tour Tomaranai 2018 Final -Yoiko (415) wa Mane Shinaidene-
  • Mary’s Blood - LIVE at LIQUIDROOM - Change the Fate Tour 2016-2017 Final-

Yep, it’s yet another Gacharic Spin DVD, and it’s great! Kakujitsu Hendo -KAKUHEN- and G-Litter have solid representation in this concert’s setlist, and there’s good selection of B-sides and bonus/hidden tracks on here too.

But this GS concert has something that could be a dealbreaker - everyone wears their costumes for the entire duration of the show. This includes Oreo Reona and her infamous hamburger costume. But I’m pro-hamburger, so I loved seeing Hamburger Lady in Tour Tomaranai 2018 Final!

The vast majority of the setlist in Mary’s Blood’s LIVE at LIQUIDROOM came from their then-latest album FATE. To be honest, I didn’t care much for FATE when it came out. It features some great songs, but the songs there that aren’t great (like “Angel’s Ladder”, “HANABI”, and “Chateau de Sable”) really stick out. And yeah, those songs stick out here as well. But at least the band looks like they have fun playing them.

Picture of some CD jewel cases and DVD cases - description is in article.

  • The Choppers Revolution - Choparevo!!!
  • Mary’s Blood - Countdown to Evolution
  • Nozomu Wakai’s Destinia - A Live for a Scream - One Night Only Requiem

I know that CASIOPEA’s bassist (Yoshihiro Naruse) is in The Chopper’s Revolution, but I’m not gonna front and say that’s how I found out about them. Instead, I’ll be honest: I only know about Choparevo!!! was because F Chopper KOGA (Gacharic Spin, DOLL$BOXX) had a guest spot on the album. The guest spot is very brief, but it’s there! And the rest of the album seems rather solid too with a nice mix of chill tracks and more aggressive, chaotic numbers.

Yes, I received another Mary’s Blood thing in the mail. I’ve only listened to it once, but Countdown to Evolution is fairly solid but lacks some of the grit that they showed on later albums. It also has a fairly experimental song in “Black★Cat”, which has some surprisingly mellow, jazzy bits with a walking bass line.

I’ll own up to it - I’m not the biggest fan of the first two Destinia albums. Despite featuring three of my favorite vocalists in Japanese metal (Masatoshi Ono, Yukio Morikawa, and Fuki) and other great musicians, the music itself didn’t do much for me. So, why did I get A Live for a Scream, a live release that features music from those two albums? Fuki. And it looks like this Blu-ray might go out of print soon because Requiem for a Scream and Anecdote of the Queens seem to be out of print and are unavailable from CDJapan and HMV.

A Live for a Scream didn’t change my opinion about the music itself, but it’s executed better here in a live setting than it was in the studio. Everyone involved seems to have a passion for the music, and that’s always a big plus for me.

That’s it for August! The Boredome is taking a break until February. I’m planning on using the time to redesign the site, write programming-related blog posts over at Leavins Programming, and create some content for this site!