April 2019 Music Purchases

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Picture of a CD case and a boxset - description is in article.

  • V/A - TV Animation <W’z> Character Animation Song Album
  • Gacharic Spin - Gacha~tsu 10 Best

The anime album is Fuki-related, so I had to have it. I’m not sure what Fuki’s connection is with the W’z anime, but she sang the ending song, “Kamisama wa kitto”, and wrote lyrics for this character album. I don’t plan on jamming this character album regularly, but I liked it more than Fuki’s song for the series because all three songs are on the “hard rock” side of anime music.

This particular boxset from Gacharic Spin is a little annoying. It’s taller than a DVD case, so it doesn’t easily go on a shelf. Its booklet lays inside of the case, and you have to have the booklet in the case for it to close properly. The case does not snap closed. Oh well. The new song, “Gyakkyo hiro”, is pretty good, and so are the two re-recordings. (“BROKEN LOVER -2019-“ might be a remix with new vocals, but I’m not sure.)

The Blu-Ray that comes with the boxset has a ton of music videos and a more complete version of the “Liver dai utagematsuri” The Movie concert video. I believe that the concert was shown in theaters and was partially included in a limited edition of G-Litter. I haven’t watched all of it, but the quality of the audio and video is great.

As typical with Gacharic Spin’s concert videos, “Liver dai utagematsuri” The Movie does not contain every song that was played at the concert - see Gacharic Spin at Hibiya Yaon – Live Report. I’m not sure if the theatrical version included these songs - probably not, if I had to guess.

Next up is my pickups for June 2019.