The Boredome Awards for 2018!

- Music

Here are my awards for 2018! These are a ‘just for fun’ thing that you shouldn’t read too much into. It’s really late this year, but enjoy!

Spoiler: it’s a trainwreck :-)


Biggest Disappointment: Drake - Scorpion

At my previous job, I shared an open-office with an in-ceiling Sonos system. My co-workers utilized this amazing technology to force everyone to listen to really weird stuff. Like, one time, someone played “What’s New Pussycat” by Tom Jones on an endless loop. They were also fond of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and Chuck Mangione’s “Feels So Good”, and both were frequently queued on Fridays.

Occasionally, something would play that wasn’t a complete troll. And so it came to pass that Drake’s Scorpion played in its entirety. I wasn’t expecting much because why would I, but Scorpion still managed to disappoint me. It’s a double CD album full of songs that, with a few exceptions, melded together in an unappealing, massive slurry of mumbling, auto-tune, and 808 beats.

Best Discovery of 2018: myNoise

Alright, this one’s a bit of a stretch for a few reasons.

myNoise is a website (not an album) full of background noise machines. It has everything that’d you’d expect - white noise, ocean sounds, rainfall - and a whole lot more.

I knew about the site before 2018, but I learned in September 2018 about its paid-for “download to MP3” option. I donated some money to the site and received credits that I used to generated a white noise MP3. This audio file became my go-to background noise at work. I used it to slay the demons coming out of the Sonos without needing to keep a browser window open. myNoise was a serious productivity boost and I can’t imagine how things would have went without it.

I listened to only a little bit of “new to me” music in 2018, and nothing was as life-improving as myNoise was, so it gets the “Best Discovery of 2018” award.

Song of the Year: Gacharic Spin - your place

Gacharic Spin did it in 2016 with “Parariya Happi”, and they did it again in 2018! “your place” is a magnificent JPop/JRock electronic anthem featuring a great vocal melody and a kickin’ rhythm section. It was definitely my #1 jam for 2018.

Runners-up: Gacharic Spin - Redline, Unlucky Morpheus - Spartan Army

Albums That I Didn’t Listen To

Strap in, because here’s where the trainwreck really gets started.

My 2018 list is going to seem quite incomplete because I didn’t listen to a whole lot of music last year. Last year was quite a blur for me, leaving me with little free-time. And when I had free time, I played drums because it was funner to play music than listen to it :-)

As a result, these awards don’t include albums released by: Dead Cross, Dee Snider, Judas Priest, LOVEBITES, Mardelas, Mary’s Blood, MYRONE (I’ve listened to Hue but haven’t really dug into it), Nozomu Wakai’s Destinia, Octaviagrace, Onmyo-Za, Saber Tiger, Saxon, Suicidal Tendencies,Tenacious D.

Favorite Albums Released in 2018 (That I Actually Listened To)

2 - Gacharic Spin - G-litter

Gacharic Spin released an album in 2018. Given previous results, they’re an automatically lock for The Boredome’s AOTY, right?

No, sorry. That honor belongs to another.

G-litter is an enjoyable album but it’s a step down from their previous couple of releases and might be my least favorite album of theirs to date. It has some bangers (“Redline”, “Peacefully”, and “your place” to name a few), and the instrumentation/arrangement is great as ever, but it’s really silly in a few places and actually has a few songs that I didn’t care too much for even after multiple listens.

I dug G-litter as a whole, but I wouldn’t feel right with calling it the AOTY, even if it’s just for a silly list and it was one of two albums that I actually managed to listen to.

1 - Unlucky Morpheus - Change of Generation

Unlucky Morpheus’s full-length release Change of Generation is the other album that I listened to in 2018, and it’s the winner!

Change of Generation is a solid album, and serves as an excellent introduction to Unlucky Morpheus’s style of melodic metal. I remember not liking the last two tracks, but they seem like bonus tracks so I’ll act like they are. You can’t go wrong with Change of Generation, and that’s why it’s The Boredome’s AOTY for 2018.